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Meet The Team


Our mission at Hope Village is to empower communities to break the chain of poverty through education and self-sustainability.  We do this by providing support through educational programs and business enterprises that lead to increased opportunities, job creation and economic advancements in diverse communities locally and worldwide.


We track every dollar raised through your donations. You will see the projects you helped to create with photos and videos.

Open Book

We believe in transparency and accountability as we work toward our common goal of empowering communities to become self-sustaining.


Currently our operation relies on the time donated by volunteers and board members.  We keep operating costs at a minimum, these costs are covered by specific sponsors and board members. Therefore 100% of the money we raise goes directly to the projects we select.


Yan is a mother, an entrepreneur, and an advocator.  From a young age she has had the opportunity to live, travel, and learn about different cultures worldwide.  These life experiences have given her a driving determination to make a difference in the world she has traveled so passionately.  She thrives in challenging situations, meeting each challenge as an opportunity to grow and give back.  She is passionate in her search for opportunities to bring people together to work towards a common goal. With uncompromising standards of integrity, honesty, and service, she gives others the confidence of knowing that she can be trusted in all her endeavors.

Yan Mathison


Kira was taught from a young age the value of an education and entrepreneurial spirit.  By combining her love for having a large family and being a stay at home mother of 4, she created a company which offers opportunities for the training and employment of other stay at home mothers, empowering them to put family first, while providing for them. Kira is a loving, patient, and supportive mother to her four outgoing and active children.   

Kira Bishop

Board Member & Marketing Director

Tony is A Seattle based entrepreneur, tech nerd and author. In his many travels he saw up close and personal the effects of poverty on people as well as the extreme dignity of our worlds less fortunate. One thing that became apparent was the importance of education as a key pillar of one day eradicating extreme poverty. What drives Tony is the idea that children born into poverty have no control over their health and their education. Education opens up possibilities that charity can never open up.

Tony De Ruvo

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jon Baugh is a husband, father, an entrepreneur and an emergency medicine physician. Dr. Baugh grew up in a small town with only one general practice physician. This is one of aspect that drove him to a career and life in medicine. During medical school in Virginia, he volunteered in rural communities that had no medical provider in the entire county. This experience stayed close to his heart.

Having Dr. Baugh’s expertise and his cutting edge Virtual Exam Room technology on our team has enabled us to provide medical services to thousands of villagers who otherwise would not receive lifesaving medical treatments.

Dr. Jon Baugh

International Program Director

Marianne is a wife, mother of 6, an entrepreneur and long time advocate for orphans and impoverished families around the world. Having adopted 3 special needs children from China, she saw first hand the plight of the children left behind. In her travels, she also witnessed the desperate need for orphan prevention through economic, educational and community development.
She has always had a desire to make an impact in the lives of children who need advocacy, compassion and empowerment. Hope Village does that with honesty and integrity and she’s thrilled to be on board.

Marianne Mallory